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2 min read

Adult Ed Programs: Use Virtual to Your Advantage

Because of how the world is shifting today, you might be thinking, “What’s the best way to modify my whole adult ed program and all the processes with it, to all run seamlessly online, virtually, and to have real-time, live access in the palms of my...

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1 min read

An Enhanced Apprenticeship Tracking Solution

Have a registered apprenticeship program but don’t know how to efficiently go about the whole process now because of the pandemic? What if there was...

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Collaborative Partnership to Drive Program Improvement

The WIOA presents opportunities and challenges. As state and local programs become familiar with the implementation requirements, next steps often...

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2 min read

Information Silos: The Most Prominent Impediment in Adult Ed Programs

Adult education programs face challenges that are grossly ignored and not being discussed in the public domain and hence fail to garner attention. In...

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