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September Is National Workforce Development Month

September Is National Workforce Development Month

Workforce Development Month was started in 2005 by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP). The goal was to raise awareness about the impact that workforce development organizations have in supporting workers and growing the economy. In 2017, the Senate passed a resolution marking September as National Workforce Development Month and has renewed this designation every year since.

Why Is Workforce Development Important?

According to the Senate’s 2021 resolution:

  • 52% of the labor market is comprised of jobs that require less than a 4-year degree but more than a high school diploma.
  • Only 42% of workers have been able to acquire training at this level, creating a significant labor gap.
  • 76% of business leaders agree that their business would benefit from additional skills training.
  • Unemployment rates for individuals with only a high school degree are almost twice as high as those with a bachelor's degree.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is the primary federal workforce development legislation and provides federal funding to states through various workforce and education programs. WIOA served over 3 million participants in the most recent program year through its One-Stop Career Centers and partner programs nationwide.

Well-funded workforce development programs are critical to connecting job seekers with the resources they need to advance in their careers and nurturing a consistent pipeline of skilled labor for local industries.

How to Participate in Workforce Development Month

Workforce Development Month is an excellent opportunity to spread awareness about the importance of workforce development programs among business leaders, elected officials, community organizations, and job seekers. There are many ways to participate!

Celebrate Your Workforce Heroes

Give a shout-out to your colleagues or peers who warrant recognition for their efforts in the workforce development space. Whether it’s a blurb in an email newsletter, a social media post, or just a thank you card, workforce heroes deserve to be celebrated.

Share Success Stories

If you work for an organization that contributes to workforce development, share stories of clients your team has served (with permission, of course). Personal accounts help people feel the tangible impact workforce development can have on families and communities.

Write a Letter to Your Elected Officials

Workforce development legislation has traditionally been bipartisan, but it never hurts to remind your representatives and local elected officials of its effects on your community. Explain your organization's role, share success stories, and stress the importance of state and federal funding.

Not sure where to start? Check out the Workforce Development Month Toolkit from NAWDP for ideas and tips for social media posts, congressional visits, media relations, and more.

Happy Workforce Development Month From myOneFlow

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