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Stay informed on critical WIOA topics, including program retention, access & equity, meeting compliance and more.

WIOA Management Is Complex

myOneFlow helps organizations streamline processes & meet compliance with ease.

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  • How to create a personalized program experience that will keep learners engaged
  • Proven strategies for improving attendance rate
  • Essential touchpoints for creating program stickiness
  • How to use data to identify & strengthen weak points in your processes
  • Simple tips for eliminating bottlenecks, information silos & delayed responses
  • Key metrics you should be analyzing from previous enrollment periods
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Stress-Free SYEP 2024: Proven Strategies for Enhanced Program Management & Fiscal Tracking

A great resource for 2024 and beyond, this webinar shares insights into creating a stress-free SYEP with maximum impact. Learn how to streamline communication, leverage technology to simplify the application workflow process, track braided funding, and harness the power of your data to efficiently measure and track outcomes.

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  • Features of a Registered Apprenticeship Program and what sets them apart from other apprenticeship programs
  • Data collection requirements & best practices that will help you navigate USDOL audits with ease
  • Tips for federal & state reporting to ensure you're submitting the right data to the right organization - on time!
  • An awareness of common compliance pitfalls & how to avoid them so you don't inadvertently stunt your program's growth

save time and money


How Automated Messages, Reminders, and Onboarding Can Save Your Program Time & Money

Discover how adult ed programs can improve their data management and onboarding practices. This presentation will include specific insights into how automated reminders can save staff time and program dollars that can be used elsewhere to better support learners and learner outcomes.

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pursuing the dream


Pursuing the Dream of a Unified, Digital System: Tips for Streamlining the Case Management Process

Discover how to transform your fragmented case management processes into a unified, cohesive system. Examples will be shared of how workforce & adult ed organizations can adopt creative and flexible solutions to address specific problems you might be facing in your current workflows.

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adult ed

Adult Education Retention 101: How to Keep Students Coming Back

As the landscape of adult education continues to evolve, it is essential to understand the unique challenges faced by adult learners and address their specific needs effectively. This dynamic and informative session will feature key strategies, best practices, and practical tips for creating an engaging and enriching learning environment that keeps your adult learners motivated and eager to continue their educational journey.

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  • Innovative data collection techniques that can reduce administrative burden by 50% 

  • The industry-acclaimed process that uses workflows to track referral outcomes & close the loop 

  • The transformative benefits of automating your referrals process from end to end 

  • Essential strategies for staying connected to your “network” of partner agencies and stakeholders

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WIOA Data Collection & Reporting Practical Solutions for Automating Compliance (1200 × 627 px)



  • How to adapt to changing WIOA reporting requirements

  • Automating WIOA data collection for hands-off compliance

  • Using WIOA performance indicators to measure program outcomes

  • Eliminating missing data & human errors from WIOA reporting

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  • How to create a personalized experience that will keep clients engaged

  • How to use data to identify & strengthen weak points in your processes

  • Practical tips for eliminating bottlenecks, information silos & delayed responses

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