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myOneFlow's Vision

“To help every customer achieve their greatest potential - to improve the nation’s talent supply chain and help workforce leaders in a 21st century economy. We look forward to changing the world together.'

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We offer over 20 years of experience working with education and workforce offices.

People First

We believe it's the people who drive change in the world.

Passion Driven

We are all passionate about helping people achieve their greatest potential.


myOneFlow Team

Happy to help and serve our communities!

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Shanthi Subramanyam

Founder & CEO

Shanthi brought together her passions for workflows and process and workforce development & adult education to impact the lives of those who need it most. She loves spending time with her family and visiting new places.

Trev's phto

Trevor Aulick

Vice President, Sales

Trevor oversees the Sales & Marketing efforts of Empyra. Trevor has over 15 years of experience in education & Government technology. He enjoys spending time on the lake, and hiking with his family and loves a good movie.


Jenny Pate

Sr. Sales Executive

With over 20 years in higher education and education technology sales, Jenny enjoys consulting and helping new clients. When not working, her time is spent in the garden, bee keeping, and kayaking on the local rivers.


Pete Gerharz

Sr. Sales Executive

Drawing on extensive experience in youth workforce development and education services, Pete enthusiastically serves new Empyra clients in the western United States. While not on the clock, he spends his time spoiling his two lovable dogs, reading history books, and furthering his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu acumen.


Ben Murga

Lead UI/UX Designer

Ben works along side the product team to ensure our products are easy to use and easy on the eye.


Cesar Vasquez

Senior Software Developer

Along the development team, i am responsible for writing code, analyzing data, and contributing to the design and implementation of new functionalities. When not coding, I like to visit viewpoints and watch sunsets, love to travel, know new places and people.


Kevin Umana

Business Analyst

Kevin works closely with our clients to ensure their goals and initiatives are aligned with myOneFlow.


Srilakshmi Jayaram

QA Engineer & Implementation lead

Srilakshmi is passionate about understanding customer needs and providing them a quality solution. She's passionate about challenging the status quo and coming up with different approaches to solutions and ideas, which helps her team work more effectively and efficiently.


Rajsekhar Patnaik

Developer Team Lead

Rajsekhar is a senior software developer and team lead who has extensive experience in understanding customer requirements and translating it into code and new features. During his free time, he loves to explore new things and play Cricket.


Chetan Sankhla

Project Manager

Chetan is the lead Project Manager and ensures myOneFlow continues to innovate and run without hiccups for our customers. In his down time, he enjoys Indian Classical music.

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