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Data Driven Insights

myOneFlow helps staff make informed decision on how to improve client outcomes.

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Compliance Reports

myOneFlow comes pre-built with dozens of operational reports to validate service and customer outcomes. Our team of data experts monitor Federal and State requirements such as PIRL reports to ensure you are always up-to-date and compliant.


Visualize your Data

mOneFlow offers an array of reporting options from custom ad-hoc to pre-built with data visualizations to easily identify emerging trends and drill down to better understand the data.

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Metrics Scorecard Reports

Scorecards allow your office to set operational goals such as desired learning outcomes, placements, etc. and measure how successful your office is within each program goal you've set. We've color coded each measurement to show you if you're on track or have a ways to go.

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Pipeline Reports

Identify where your customers are at in each step of their journey. Find which customers have moved from step 1 to step 2 and which customers did not move from one step to another.


Operational Reports

View and measure the various success metrics of your office. From customer engagement dashboards, to service and placement dashboards, We help you see the efficacy of your offices activities. Drill down by customer cohort or timelines to easily get to the data that you need to. 


Needing more out of your Reports?

myOneflow offers an array of reporting solutions to ensure you are getting the most of your data. We help turn your data into action to help you better connect with your customers.

Working List

Add customers from a report query to a working. list with a click of a button.

Reporting Logic

Your custom reports can include intuitive logic to include/exclude the right data.


Grant access to the right reports to the correct individuals within your organization.


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