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Grant Management Solution

End-to-end grant management that connects grantors, grantees & participants.


Flexible Grant Tracking

myOneFlow is the only full lifecycle grants management solution that connects grantors, grantees and participants for a transparent, closed-loop process from end to end. Streamline the application process, reduce duplication of efforts, automate compliance, measure impact with robust reporting tools and more. Whether you’re a government, a public agency, a nonprofit, or an education provider, myOneFlow is fully configurable to meet your organization’s unique needs.

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Securely engage with applicants, staff, community reviewers and other collaborating partners through a single, unified platform. myOneFlow’s AI-powered workflows keep grantors connected throughout the entire grant lifecycle – even down to the subgrantee level. 

  • Grant publishing
  • Application ranking & review 
  • Funds disbursement
  • Budget management 
  • Outcomes tracking


Effortlessly track and connect every stage in the grant management process, from grant application through to participant spending. With a built-in suite of advanced & custom reporting tools, myOneFlow makes it easy to meet state/grantor reporting requirements and automate compliance. 

  • Braid multiple funding streams from different sources 
  • Manage budgets by grant program, grantees, and funding sources 
  • Automate different types of notices to applicants 
  • Track spending at the program participant level 
  • Create workflows that automatically assign staff relevant tasks






myOneFlow uses a single common intake form to determine participant eligibility and leverages automated workflows to guide the applicant through every step of their journey. Program applicants can complete the entirety of their application through myOneFlow, including uploading required documents & signing forms. 

  • Common eligibility intake form with branching conditions 
  • Integrated e-signature capabilities 
  • Ability to take a photo & upload documents with smartphone

Features You'll Love

Document Management

myOneFlow provides an easy and secure way for applicants to upload requested documents from any device.


Stay connected with applicants, staff, community partners & other stakeholders through a single, unified platform.

Configurable Workflows

Reduce administrative burden by automating unique processes for each specific program.

Fiscal Management

Track budgets & disbursements through every stage in the grant lifecycle for a holistic fiscal picture.

Forms & Online Signatures

Applicants can complete all required forms online and finalize them through integrated e-signature.

Reporting & Analytics

Automatically collect & report on the data you need to measure impact, track outcomes & stay compliant.


Powerful Resources.

myOneFlow provides the integrated solutions and resources your office needs to measure impact, stay connected and improve outcomes.

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Case Management

Assign personalized workflows and success plans to ensure your clients are on track and connecting to the right resources at the right time.

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Class Enrollment Management

Connect staff, students & instructors. Track attendance, manage course enrollments & monitor student progress.

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Client Journey Workflows

Configurable & adaptable workflows ensure you’re collecting the data you need while providing clients with a personalized journey.

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Reporting & Compliance

Simplify WIOA processes and breeze through compliance with customizable forms and a suite of pre-built operational reports.

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Referral Network

Both manual & automated referrals make it easy to connect clients with additional services, securely share records & track outcomes.

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Connect to the tools you use every day. We can create integrations to a range of applications for accounting, communication & more.

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