Automate compliance, track program outcomes, manage apprenticeships, and connect with partners, all through one integrated platform.

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myOneFlow empowers multiple employers, sponsors, and government agencies to manage and scale their Registered Apprenticeship Programs efficiently.

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Work Experience Matching

myOneFlow's proprietary job-matching functionality helps pair eligible apprentices with open positions based on work experience, qualifications, and job description. Our AI-powered platform does the heavy lifting, saving your staff hours of tedious legwork and scrolling through spreadsheets.

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Application & Eligibility

Automated workflows help determine eligibility and streamline the application process. Our rules-based engine creates a personalized experience for apprentices, guiding them through every step of their journey and connecting them to the right resources at the right time.

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Time & Progress Tracking

Track OJT & RTI hours and manage apprentices’ wage schedules. With flexible time-tracking workflows, apprentices, trainers, and staff can all engage to ensure the correct related instruction hours and on-the-job training time is recorded. Plus, myOneFlow can integrate with your accounting or payroll software to eliminate the need for manual data transfer.

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Reporting & Compliance

Easily create standardized RAPIDS & WIPS reporting dashboards to help your office visualize the progress and compliance of your entire apprenticeship program. A full suite of pre-built and ad-hoc reports makes it easy for staff to compile and share data, identify bottlenecks, and improve program outcomes.


Automated Data Collection

The myOneFlow apprenticeship management system collects all required Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL) data elements throughout the apprentice's journey by connecting clients to the necessary forms. Data is automatically integrated into a pre-built template that can be easily downloaded and submitted, with no spreadsheets or manual data entry required.

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Digital Forms & Online Signatures

Gone are the days of hoping apprentices fill out the right paperwork and sign the required areas. myOneFlow processes all online forms into a digital output with an integrated e-signature feature.

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Unified Staff Efforts

myOneFlow's suite of case management tools makes it easy for your staff to centralize your apprenticeship information, plans, and progression all in one platform.

Our apprenticeship management software offers comprehensive tracking capabilities that meet the requirements of DOL and other grantees. myOneFlow's unique workflows put the power in the hands of your staff to stay informed on the next steps you and your apprentices need to take.

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Features You'll Love

Document Management

myOneFlow provides an easy and secure way for apprentices to upload requested documents from any device.


Send communications to apprentices, staff, or trainers on an individual or mass basis via email, text, or internal messages in one platform.

Appointments & Services

Apprentices can make appointments for recommended services and receive reminders for upcoming events.

Time Tracking

Easily manage apprenticeship hours with approval workflows from trainers and staff.

Forms & Online Signatures

Apprentices can complete all required forms online and finalize them through output forms and integrated e-signatures.

Reporting & Analytics

With our reporting tools, you can easily access the data that your office needs to better understand program processes and improve outcomes.


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