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An Enhanced Apprenticeship Tracking Solution

Have a registered apprenticeship program but don’t know how to efficiently go about the whole process now because of the pandemic? What if there was an effective and efficient unique resource that creates an environment of collaboration and cooperation between all stakeholders in your overall apprenticeship process? 

Apprenticeship programs have a lot of moving parts, making tracking, and reporting of candidates and their needs a daunting task. With vetting and screening applicants, and compiling all other required documents needed at initial registration to program enrollment, having an enhanced apprenticeship tracking program would be the ultimate tool to adapt to this new type of virtual engagement. 

Benefits of an Enhanced Apprenticeship Tracking & Reporting Program:  

  • Single Solution Hub for all apprenticeship program director needs 
  • Interoperable System with adjustable measures and metrics 
  • Rapid Implementation into current program’s custom system
  • Configurable & Personalized Workflows to adapt for organization’s specific needs 
  • Scaling the Reach of your apprenticeship programs faster than traditional methods

This collaborating interface not only incorporate your staff and candidates within the program network, but also connect employers offering apprenticeships to the system to input all requirements needed from the applicants, easing the task of your own staff having to oversee this process. 

Once it is integrated, the system allows for the program director to customize their own dashboard to track each participant’s progress in-program to ensure completion. This benefit of virtual tracking that can be monitored at any point in time improves overall program completion rate by emphasizing candidates that may be progressing slower. This software, myOneFlow, provides an entire network for all your organization’s needs, from start to finish. 

myOneFlow dives deeper as a system that not only enhances all your tracking needs, but it also offers more insight into all other aspects of the program to ensure value and completion. Our system even makes reporting easier by compiling all the data the registrant submits along their journey into a pre-built template, where all 87 required fields are integrated into a downloadable WIPS submission document to be reported to PIRL. 

myOneFlow creates one single system all organized into one place with easy navigability from staff, employers, and students. The possibilities are endless when incorporating a virtual network platform like myOneFlow into your apprenticeship programs. Get rid of physical document tracking by each candidate, and integrate your system easily with myOneFlow, where all your needs can be found in one network!

Learn more about how myOneFlow integrates its system with your apprenticeship needs.