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Workflow Automation

trends in adult education

4 min read

5 Emerging Trends in Adult Education

In today’s rapidly changing world, adult educators must be on the cutting edge of education trends to give their students the highest chance for...

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two adult ed students using myOneFlow

3 min read

Power of Nudge: Using Positive Reinforcement to Increase Program Retention

Adult learners often face unique challenges, such as work and family responsibilities, that make it difficult to stay motivated and engaged in their...

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flat lay of a laptop and paper with graphs and charts

3 min read

5 Reasons WIOA Service Providers Should Prioritize Tech in 2024's Budget

WIOA providers face a crisis of chronic underfunding. With the uncertainty surrounding the reauthorization of WIOA in 2024, appropriating funds for...

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wioa case management

3 min read

4 Signs You Need to Modernize Your WIOA Case Management Solution

In an age of sleek software, automated processes, and personalized workflows, we expect a certain level of sophistication from our technology. We...

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2 min read

Information Silos: The Most Prominent Impediment in Adult Ed Programs

Adult education programs face challenges that are grossly ignored and not being discussed in the public domain and hence fail to garner attention. In...

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