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Information Silos – The most prominent impediment in Adult Ed

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Adult Education organizations face several challenges which are grossly ignored and not being discussed in the public domain and hence fail to garner attention. In the light of the pandemic situation that we are currently experiencing and its devastating implications on the global workforce, it’s imperative that we take a closer look at some of the issues faced by Workforce Development and Adult Ed. organizations.

In the current environment that our workforce faces, students and experienced job seekers are under severe stress and with the increase in the number of jobless claims, it is important that workforce development and adult education play a major role in the revival of the economy. As far as skill sets are concerned, market preferences will change drastically, and people need to be equipped better to be able to find jobs when the economy bounces back. From our experience of working with the workforce development and adult education sector over the last two decades, we think the perennial problems of the sector need to be addressed right now without any further delays. 

At Empyra, we have been serving Workforce Development and Adult Ed. sectors with state-of-the-art technology solutions since 1994. Its rather unfortunate that the power of technology and digitization is not utilized in this domain and the organizations, staff members and students end up wasting the most precious resource – TIME. An industry that’s supposed to be a feeder and a catalyst for the economy is not as efficient as it should be because of dependency on manual work, duplication of efforts and lack of coordination – we are battling information silos.  

The Solution – Need to have one single platform that will let you seamlessly collaborate online with Students and Partners within your organization without depending on any other tool such as emails, surveys apps, google docs etc. –  One platform that meets all the requirements of your entire Adult Education ecosystem. You would be amazed to know that more than 50% of the work that you currently do can be automated and you could save at least 50 hours every month for each staff member and serve more students and jobseekers ever before. 

Advanced technology platforms such as OneFlow can streamline the processes and eliminate duplication of work. Data capturing, documentation, communication, and reporting can be automated, and you could ensure strict process compliance since the platform is equipped with smart workflows and eventbased triggers and alerts. Modern platforms can integrate with other systems with real-time twoway exchange of data and will allow partners and students to do all their interactions and engagements online in a highly robust and secured digital environment. 

We have seen that ensuring documentation is in place is a major pain-point currently for the Adult Ed. domain. Getting documents signed is even more difficult and time consuming leading to delays. Verifying paperwork, following up, and tracking progress are some of the key problems which are caused due to information silos resulting in duplication of efforts. A lot of time and effort is dedicated towards compliance and statutory requirements as well. OneFlow can automate and digitize all of these and the effort would be reduced to just a few mouse clicks.  

Going digital is new the normal and Adult ed. cannot be an exception. Its a high time for the industry to adopt technology, become more efficientand work smarter online.

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