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Adult Education

myOneFlow provides a platform for organizations serving Adult Education & Literacy. It enables colleges and schools to provide online registration, orientation, program selection, course enrollment and follow ups. For staff, it provides the platform to track programs, view students, set goals, track progress, make referrals, and enable student success.

Workforce Development

Our solution enables you offer online services, increase the number of customers you serve, and reduce the time it takes for them to get connected to WIOA programs, grants and jobs. myOneFlow is a complete case management & labor exchange solution for local workforce development, regions and state level organizations.

Government Agencies

myOneFlow provides a platform for government agencies to serve their customers online from enabling online account creation, completion of forms, uploading of documents, signing applications or agreements and communications. myOneFlow helps government agencies to streamline their processes, view dashboard metrics of numbers served, demographics and results.


For grant recipients, myOneFlow provides a platform that can be deployed rapidly and enable you to take applications for the grant, determine eligibility, and enroll participants in funding. myOneFlow is the operational platform for grants such as apprenticeships, training grants and economic recovery grants. myOneFlow also tracks outcomes and produces the required reporting for DOL grants such as the H-1B PIRL.

Beyond Case Management

Beyond Case Management


Traditional case management systems help staff with data collecting and reporting, but what about the customer? With myOneFlow, you can assign personalized workflows and success plans using myOneFlow’s powerful myPlan to ensure your clients are connecting to the right resources at the right times.
myOneFlow, enables the process that helps your staff collect the needed data, while at the same time, providing customers with an end-to-end customer success solution.

It's All About the Client

It's All About the Client


myOneFlow was designed with the client in mind to ensure they enroll, register and connect to needed resources through an easy-to-use case management platform.
Clients have a wealth of self-service tools at their fingertips to schedule appointments with staff, upload required documents, sign up for in-person and virtual events, create resumes/cover letters and complete required forms needed for assistance.

It takes a village

It takes a village


There is a myriad of programs and support services available to assist clients in their journey, but often times, each provider uses a separate system that doesn’t tell the entire customer story. The myOneFlow Network offers portals designed for each type of stakeholder and supports collaboration between the customer, adult education, partners/providers, employers and workforce development by providing a single solution for each user to make referrals, share plans and service delivery outcomes resulting in a cohesive story.


Successful Case Management Begins With Streamlined Operations


Much has changed over the last couple years to ensure clients are enrolling, onboarding and successfully completing their programs either in-person or virtually. We’ve seen operations to change from in-person to remote, static paper forms to seamless online registrations and much more. To take the guess work out of where clients are and what they need to do next, myOneFlow has put all the tools in the hands of staff to ensure they can continue their daily operations from anywhere








Emypyra myOneFlow has been a tremendous success in re-operationalizing our department and taking Adult Education into the 21st century.

Dr. Christina Robinson

Executive Director of Adult Education and Literacy - Houston Community College

Workforce Solution

Are you in the network? With myOneFlow, you can be. myOneFlow is a leading provider of workforce solutions for government and private sector entities. We offer customized workforce solutions that will enable your organization to offer online services, increase your customer base, and reduce the time needed to find WIOA programs, grants, and jobs to implement for your clients. myOneFlow is a complex, yet easy-to-use case management platform & labor exchange for local workforce development solutions, regions, and state-level businesses and organizations.

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Our easy-to-use management platform and workforce solution to the complexities of efficiently and effectively servicing your customers and stakeholders. myOneFlow has been designed to improve the process of complex business workflows from end-to-end.

Best Workflow Management Solutions

With our assistance, the complex workflow of managing an organization can be better implemented into a refined process of communication, task management, and achievement accountability for both job seekers and employers. We have developed an automated administrative resource that will suit your organization's workflow processes and provide the best solutions to workforce management. With the implementation of our collaborative program, your organization can eliminate the need for silos and enables learning institutions and partner agencies, staff, and students to work together to achieve their desired outcomes. When developing myOneFlow’s automated workflow processes, our company specifically designed the workforce solution to encompass all aspects of the management of your workforce and job seekers. Using our automated workflow processes, job seekers, and potential employers can keep track of every step of the employment development process. This will enable your business and those applying for jobs to monitor all fulfillments and requirements during the hiring process. Through myOneFlow online resources or our mobile app, job seekers can use the portal to apply for employment opportunities, services, events, and other offerings that will assist them in setting and achieving their goals and maintaining engagement with workforce management. Our workflow management solutions provide the foundation for a successful referral process that will enable your organization’s entire staff to track all of their involvement with job seekers. They will be able to follow case notes, take appropriate actions, manage program enrollments, and monitor fiscal information if the job seeker is enrolled. Your organization will be able to account for all client outcomes when reviews and reports are requested by upper management through our detailed case workflow management solution.

Best Cloud-Based Case Management Solutions

There are numerous benefits to the use of cloud-based case management solutions. Cloud-based case management platforms are the best solution to secure and accessible workforce administration. With the implementation of our cloud-based case management program, your organization can increase productivity and reduce the possibility of mistakes being made by your management, staff, and job seekers. Our cloud-based case management solution is a viable and superior alternative to using traditional file storage options in your organization. By utilizing myOneFlow’s automated workflow processes and cloud-based case management solution platforms, your workforce will be able to use a shared online location that can be accessed securely. Implementing a streamlined and automated process to aid in the workflow will reduce the time needed to perform the daily, weekly, and monthly administrative tasks involved in easy-to-use case management and workflow management solutions. The complexities of effective business workflow management services take up time and, as a result, resources. With the proper utilization of myOneFlow’s automated workforce solution, the escalation of missed tasks or appointments will flow up the pipeline notifying the parties involved with emails and text messages. This will allow your organization to take the necessary actions to aid in the retention of clients. Administrative services take up time; myOneFlow can help you.

Virtual Service Delivery Solution

The administrative capabilities of myOneFlow’s cloud-based management system not only provide seamless integration of employer, staff, and job-seeker responsibilities but also offer a unique resource management interface to assist with service delivery. Service delivery is an essential part of any organization’s operating protocol. The ability to effectively and efficiently manage and deliver services to stakeholders is a vital aspect of any business, firm, or government organization. With myOneFlow, you will be able to supply services to your clients in a timely and professional manner. Using myOneFlow as your coordinator for service delivery, your organization will be able to track all deliveries through the comprehensive metrics that are available through our resource. More importantly, you will also be notified when services are not provided in a timely manner or have been neglected by the staff. This will allow your business the ability to quickly correct any oversights when delivering your services. myOneFlow also utilizes state-of-the-art virtual service delivery solutions that have become more prevalent in today’s business environment. With the use of virtual service delivery solutions, your organization can supply your customers with the resources they need through virtual assistance. The detailed metrics provided by myOneFlow’s administrative capabilities will provide a complete picture of service delivery schedules, fulfillment, and delays. Referrals will allow your management team and staff to accurately assess important areas where virtual service delivery solutions are requested and maintain optimal fulfillment of present and future services. Working to meet your clients' needs will genuinely become a collaborative effort across all departments and individuals within your organization.

Powerful Workflow OS

The application of a powerful workflow OS is the best solution for your organization and will save you time and, as a result, money. By providing a workflow operating system that can be accessed, with authorization, by anyone within your business, you will be able to effectively manage and institute the best case management solutions that will create positive outcomes. myOneFlow offers a comprehensive and powerful workflow OS that will increase your efficiency, encourage staff productivity, and eliminate redundancies in your organization’s pipeline.

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myOneFlow is a leading provider of apprenticeship tracking solutions and government grant management for institutions looking to implement the best easy-to-use administrative case management platforms and solutions. Our automated workflow processes can be utilized for superior tracking of adult education software as well. For more information about the best workflow and case management platform solutions, contact us today.