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Manage your AEL Enrollment

Provide students with a virtual process for enrollment

myOneFlow provides a single integrated platform for adult education programs to track students from application to enrollment all the way through to program completion & follow-up, making it easy to manage your AEL programs and improve outcomes through increased student engagement.

myOneFlow makes the day-to-day virtual operations more effective, not only for students, but for staff who need to be able to access the required information, communicate and collaborate to do their work.


With so many steps and things to do, students are often not sure what to do next on their journey to get enrolled or achieve their next goal. myOneFlow provides a personalized, action-oriented plan with next steps for each student to ensure they stay on track.
myOneFlow connects students to recommended forms to be completed online, events, services and actions, and comes equipped with a robust resume builder, ability make appointments with staff, and much more.


Imagine if you had a way to transform your student and staff processes to be completely virtual and operate seamlessly. myOneFlow’s powerful workflows enable you to decide the right steps to be completed at the right time to keep things moving along. Whether it's texting a customer, escalating actions, or sending reminders, workflow actions can be set to keep your staff informed on what the student needs in their journey

Forms & Online Signatures

Many staff are faced with the challenge transforming to virtual operations. They need a way of collecting the required forms from students, getting signatures and ensuring that staff are processing these in a timely manner. myOneFlow enables students to use their mobile device or computer to start and complete all required forms and online signatures through smart forms that eliminate unnecessary questions and focus on the data that your program needs.

Completing forms will trigger workflow actions such as notifying staff, new recommendations, requesting additional signatures, required documentation and new form assignments.

Document Management

Adult Ed requires various documentation for compliance. In the transformation to a virtual world, students are not able to submit documents in person. With email not being a secure way to manage sensitive documents, customers are looking for better solutions.

myOneFlow provides an easy & secure way to know exactly what documents students need to submit. Students can upload documents through their web portal or can take pictures and submit through the myOneFlow mobile app. Staff are notified and can verify documents submitted, which takes it off the queue.


Communications are key to keeping clients engaged. With myOneFlow, send communications to students, staff, or partners on an individual or mass basis via email, text or internal message. Staff may create message templates that are used in workflows where communications is an integrated part of the processes. Communications can be sent immediately, scheduled to be sent later, or can be triggered by workflow events. Also, new staff members can see the communication history to know what has transpired.

Appointments & Services

Clients/Students need to be able to make appointments with staff. myOneFlow makes it easy for clients to select an available slot and make an appointment for a service with staff. Clients will be able to make appointments for recommended services from their myPlan, or can choose to request a more general appointment with staff, based on staff availability. Reminders for appointments can be set via email or text, to maximize attendance.


myOneFlow enables staff to manage events, open registration for the event, and track attendance at events. Clients can easily register for the next upcoming event based on searching for events, or can be specifically recommended an event in order to allow them to register for the event. With workflow, clients can be reminded of upcoming events they are registered for, or other actions can be set up such as assigning a form once the client registers for the event.

Reporting & Analytics

myOneFlow supports various types of reports including pre-defined operational reports and ad-hoc reports, as well as specialized scorecards and performance reporting. With Ad-hoc reporting, staff can easily build their desired report, save and share it. myOneFlow allows staff to drill down on specific cohorts of students and programs to help measure success and draw out actionable data. Examples of reports are demographic reports, service reports, and pipeline reports (allowing you to see metrics through various stages of your pipeline).

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Adult Education Tracking Software

myOneFlow is a premier source for adult education tracking software. Through the utilization of our workflow and case management software, your institution will be able to successfully monitor the enrollment of new students, maintain detailed records of student progress and compliance, and accurately track each step of the education process for individuals.
Managing adult basic education, literacy and high school equivalency programs can be a challenging task for any institution. The complex and often complicated nature of providing and managing adult basic education, literacy programs, and GED fulfillments or high school equivalency programs can be overwhelming without the proper administrative tool. Fortunately, myOneFlow has created a comprehensive solution to the challenges of providing and managing adult basic education, literacy programs, and high school equivalency programs.

Through years of development and implementation, myOneFlow’s adult education tracking software is tailored to fit the needs of institutions as they recruit potential students and provide education and resources to foster their development. Our program is designed to offer a seamless process from start to finish and beyond. Your organization will be able to make an accurate assessment of student progress during education and maintain contact with them following the completion of their programs.

myOneFlow’s approach to labor exchange solutions and adult education encompasses the application of tracking software that will hold students and institutions accountable in their endeavors. At all levels, myOneFlow will provide comprehensive data analytics and metrics for your institution to utilize to better your services and attain your organization’s goals.

Adult Education Enrollment Tracking Solutions

The journey for adult education begins with individual initiative. An adult will make the decision to better their life and begin the pursuit of a GED or training to better their education level and improve the circumstances in which they currently live. myOneFlow’s adult education tracking software solution gives you the ability to streamline your enrollment processes. By doing so, you will simplify enrollment for students and be able to ensure the fulfillment of all necessary components to the adult education training enrollment your organization provides.

myOneFlow’s tracking software will enable your institution to address areas of concern individually and departmentally. Suppose a potential student has not fulfilled their obligations by presenting documentation or other requirements. In that case, your organization will be notified in a timely manner, allowing expedited resolutions and improving adult education training enrollment outcomes.

The internal processes of departments can also benefit from adult education tracking software solutions as they will allow your staff to address areas of concern involving training enrollment. If your institution notices a compliance issue that has been consistently happening with multiple candidates, your team can adjust their approach and modify procedures accordingly.

Adult Education Grant Tracking

Ensuring a successful adult education process relies on more than just grants. The administrative system that manages your educational institution is a crucial component to the success of your organization and your students. Grants and scholarships may play a role in recruiting potential students, yet being able to track individual adult education processes effectively is key to producing exceptional students ready to pursue their goals. myOneFlow also provides government grant management solutions for organizations that wish to better track and manage adult education grant opportunities available to them.

Adult Education Training Management

As with all of our adult education tracking software processes, myOneFlow’s comprehensive metrics and data management will help your institution efficiently and effectively implement and manage training programs and labor exchange solutions for continuing adult education. 

Through the utilization of our adult education tracking software, your staff will be able to adequately design and implement the management of training programs for adults wishing to improve their skills and education level. Training can be tailored to fit individual needs. Compliance and completion of training and course materials can be closely monitored, providing a complete view of the individual’s education progress. If there are aspects of training programs that are not being fulfilled, your staff will be notified immediately and proper measures instituted to correct the issue.

With the proper utilization of myOneFlow’s adult education tracking software, your institution will be able to accurately follow student progress throughout their educational journey.

Adult Education Course Management

A detailed assessment of student progress and course management is a necessity for your institution. Being able to manage the completion of course materials and the fulfillment of an instructor’s expectations is a vital part of ensuring the positive development of an adult student. myOneFlow’s adult education tracking software will allow teachers and administrative staff to closely monitor all aspects of student compliance.

Our adult education tracking software is designed to provide all stakeholders in the education process the ability to review expectations and meet requirements. Timely notifications via email and text messages through our mobile app allow all your staff and students to receive information and adjust the management of courses without delay. Implementation of your institution’s administrative and educational goals will become a streamlined process when using myOneFlow to manage your labor exchange solutions and student compliance.

Adult Education Class Attendance Tracking

Class attendance is the foundation of a successful education experience — and tracking is an integral part of the process. Without consistent attendance to classes, training, and seminars, adults will not be able to fulfill their obligations as students at your institution. By using myOneFlow’s adult education tracking software, your teachers and administrative staff will be able to review individual attendance compliance.

With real-time notification and tracking of individual class attendance or lack thereof, your organization can quickly address issues with students who do not adhere to class attendance policies. Likewise, students will have an open avenue of communication with your staff, allowing them to contact your institution immediately if they cannot come to school or attend a training session.

Implementation of successful adult education program management hinges on the ability to use software that will enable your staff to monitor student progress during education and afterward. You will be able to track measurable skills gain and follow-up with former students to ascertain their success following your education services. Your institution will adhere to National Reporting Standards and adjust your administrative practices to provide positive performance-based outcomes for your students.

myOneFlow is proud to offer advanced adult education tracking software that can be easily implemented in your institution or consortium. By using our service, your staff and students will achieve their goals and pave the way for continued success. myOneFlow also offers workforce development tracking and apprenticeship tracking solutions for private and public sector employers. For more information about the wide range of applications for our software, contact myOneFlow today.