Tracking solution for Adult Education

OneFlow provides a platform for Adult Education programs to track students from application to enrollment all the way through to follow-up, saving time, saving dollars, increasing enrollment, and finally making  it easy for you to manage your program and have better outcomes through increased engagement.   OneFlow includes a course enrollment module that enables you to manage courses, classes, attendance, enrollment, attendance and schedules.  With tracking of assessment scores, notes and outcomes, OneFlow provides a solution that makes your day to day virtual operations more effective, not only for students, but for staff also, who need to be able to access the required information, communicate and collaborate to do their work.  We provide integrations with student systems such as  PeopleSoft, Banner, etc.

Our unique differentiator is the fact that students have their own portal that guides them with relevant next steps and puts everything they need to do in one place. With the mobile app, students are able to take pictures of required documentation.  OneFlow offers personalized next steps and recommendations, including connections to relevant jobs, OneFlow keeps students coming back, making follow ups easier.

Integrations we have provided include:

  • Student systems (to minimize redundancy and ensure there is one Master source)
  • Assessment scores e.g. TABE, CASAS, etc. – we automatically bring in the scores on a nightly basis.
  • Office 365 Calendar – to keep your calendar updated
  • Virtual service Delivery with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex Teams to enable you to setup and track virtual appointments with ease.

Here are some of the things we have done for Adult Education programs:

  • Reduced time for orientation & application process from 3 days to 4 hours – That is a reduction by 83%
  • Reduced staff time for managing the application & enrollment process by 70%
  • Enable Adult education programs to function virtually – OneFlow provides the end to end platform
  • Made monitoring/audits easy with limited access for your auditors.

OneFlow provides the ability to manage and improve student success, by providing reminders and notifications when students are not keeping up with their plan. OneFlow gives you one comprehensive system that covers communication with students, case notes, tracking of documents, events, completion of forms/surveys – e.g. applying to an Adult Ed program, assessments tracking, outcomes and a workflow that enables actions to take place when needed. With built in intelligence, OneFlow reminds staff about follow-ups and can send messages to students to request their current status.  OneFlow provides the ability to track multiple grants/programs in one system.

With reporting for operational management, ad-hoc reporting and federal/performance reports, OneFlow gives you the tool/tracking you need to be successful.

In summary OneFlow provides/is:

  • Integrated solution that provides all tools in one solution
  • Easy to use, scalable and secure
  • Dashboard for students, staff and employers*
  • Highly configurable solution, configurable workflow
  • Easy to get started – quick setup and go-live with out of the box base
  • Offers integration to student systems, Assessment systems like TABE, CASAS, etc. for those who need
  • Enables notifications/communications to improve success of students to stay on track to graduation and employment
  • Reporting on all aspects of data – ad-hoc reporting, and operational reports
  • WIOA outcome tracking and reporting out of the box!
  • Complete fiscal tracking – including budgeting, tracking of authorizations/vouchers, and payments.


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