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Discover how configurable user roles in myOneFlow can streamline your organization's workflow, enhance data security, and improve overall efficiency.

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What Are User Roles?

User roles are an essential feature in myOneFlow that determine which users have access to specific information and functionalities within the system. With various levels of capabilities, such as approvals, view/edit, change or delete roles, and more, user roles provide granular control over pages and client data accessible by each user. By assigning multiple roles to staff, organizations can ensure their employees have the necessary access and permissions to perform their jobs effectively while maintaining the highest standard of overall system security.

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Key Benefits of User Roles

Easy Audits

Grant auditors access to the information they need in specific files for a configurable, limited time period.


User roles restrict access to sensitive information, ensuring only authorized staff can view or edit specific data.

Referrals & Collaboration

Share relevant client information for efficient referrals while limiting full case management functionality.

Endless Configurations

Out-of-the-Box Functionality

myOneFlow offers a set of predefined roles that cater to common organizational structures, making it easy to assign appropriate permissions to different team members.

Customizable Permissions

The system allows for customization of role-based permissions, so you can fine-tune access levels according to your unique business requirements.


As your organization grows, myOneFlow's user roles can easily be adapted to accommodate new team members, departments, or shifts in responsibilities.





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