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Automatic Workflow Configurator

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Automate processes & guide service delivery with easy-to-build workflows tailored to your organization.

myOneFlow was designed to empower our customers to take control of complex processes, workflows, and business rules through simple yet powerful administrative tools.

With myOneFlow, staff and clients always know the next step to take, all data is collected & reportable, and no client slips through the cracks.

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No-Code Capabilities That Put You in Control

Integrated workflows can be configured for each type of entity in the system, such as communications, forms, events, document types, services & more.

Our intuitive workflow builder makes it easy for staff admins to create and adjust workflows anytime, so you can quickly adapt when processes or requirements change.


Automatically triage participants based on how they complete intake and registration forms. Assign case managers, automatically enroll clients in courses or programs, or recommend them for events.


Send communications to students, staff, or partners on an individual or mass basis via email, text or internal messages. Define triggers, such as missing forms, class attendance, milestone achievements & more.

Client Journey

Create workflows that guide clients and students through an individualized and dynamic journey, helping them connect to relevant services, resources & programs along their path toward goal attainment.

Data Collection

Data is automatically collected as participants fill out forms and can be mapped to outputs for required state and federal reporting. myOneFlow is integrated with PIRL and NRS tables for easy, one-click exports.

Course Enrollment

myOneFlow is integrated with CASAS, TABE & GED. Scores can be automatically imported to a student's record and trigger course auto-enrollment based on the student's performance and other information.

Referral Network

Referrals to partner organizations can be triggered by client information submitted during intake. For example, if a client indicates a need for childcare assistance, a referral is automatically sent to the relevant organization.


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