Apprenticeship grantees can use OneFlow to enable, track and report on apprenticeships. OneFlow enables all stakeholders in the apprenticeship process to collaborate and work in one single platform.

Clients can Apply, Engage, Progress & Succeed

Client can create an account, complete forms, sign forms that need to be signed, upload requested documents, get reminders and other communications via email or text.  Client can see their next steps personalized to them.  This is their  My Plan which is always updated with their latest recommendations, with status (not started, in progress, missed or complete).

Grantee/College manages process & reporting

Grantees would own the full process & workflow, can manage access and security, track services, enrollment, training, and dollars, make referrals, communicate, manage participants, manage and track budgets, encumbrances, authorizations and payments and  track outcomes, and very importantly, easily manage reporting requirements for DOL in WIPS compliant format.  With complete access to ad-hoc reporting on all data collected, decisions can be made based on data, and actions can be driven by data.

Employer can easily participate in the program

Employers can create assessments, track skill goals, track apprentice accomplishments/progress, review and approve timesheets, collaborate, communicate and report easily.  Employers are reminded of their next steps.

Partners can provide services or training

Receive and provide referred services or training, view data that is shared, track notes, make referrals, and record progress/outcomes

How OneFlow Supports Apprenticeships

Q: How long would it take to get an apprenticeship program set up for tracking in OneFlow?

A: We offer a standard out of the box implementation that would be used as a base.  Typically, it would take between 4-6 weeks to get a system fully operational including training.  However, if there is an urgency and the cutomer is willing to work with us, a first phase go-live can be accomplished in 3-4 weeks.

Q: What kinds of reporting does OneFlow support? Specifically, are we able to generate WIPS compliant reports such as the H-1B data extract?

A: Yes OneFlow generates WIPS compliant reports, including the H-1B data extract. We have different types of reporting in OneFlow including standardinzed operational reports that can be run with different parameters (such as timeframe), Ad-hoc reports that you can build and share, and finally federal reporting and data extracts to meet reporting requirements of DOL and other grantees.

Q: What about our existing data – how would we get that into the system?

A: As long as the data regarding current participants can be provided in a csv or excel format (detailed specifications will be provided), we can import the data.  We would work with you to ensure that the data is mapped correctly.

Q: If we need to be able to continue to get data from other systems or feed other systems, do you support that?

A: Yes we support that – it will need to be done as a part of the implementation.  As a part of the implementation, we would work with you to understand what data needs to get fed into OneFlow, what kind of integration will be used (flat file or APIs) and how frequently it should be pulled.  Similarly, we will define that for data that needs to be fed from OneFlow to other systems.

Q: Can OneFlow support multiple colleges working together?  Can we ensure that each college staff can only see their data, but grant staff can have acces to aggregated reporting for all colleges?  Will OneFlow allow us to create levels of access e.g. layered security?

A: Yes that is exactly what OneFlow was designed for – to handle an ecosystem of partners working together, sharing data that needs to be shared, while securing data that needs to be secured, and at the same time, adhering to FERPA and other data compliance requirements. For example, OneFlow was used to track a TAACCCT grant across all the community colleges in the state of Pennsylvania. OneFlow offers security of data at the organizational level, and also there are roles that define what a staff member can do in the system.  OneFlow offers a security model that is fine grained, yet powerful and reflective of real customer needs.

Q: Would we able to integrate a module that would allow apprentices to track their time and for business partners to track apprentice competencies

A: OneFlow has an Employer Module and that enables the employer to participate in the network and complete forms for the apprentice, review and approve (and sign off on) documents, timesheets, etc. OneFlow also provides the ability for the employer to have the apprentice take assessments to determine the competency level.

Q: How frequently would you review and update the fields based on the updated guidance from DOL we’ll need to be compliant with?

A: OneFlow operates on an agile methodology. We continue to improve and update the platform with new features, bug fixes, improvements and compliance updates to ensure our customers have the latest capabilities/features and compliance updates in place.  Updates are rolled out on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule depending on what is being released.  We watch and keep track of DOL updates, but would also be discussing these with clients  in our regular communiction forum in order to maximize the time to plan to start collecting the data as soon as possible.

Q: Finally, OneFlow identifies three client types, but apprenticeships in particular cross-walk (workforce, adult basic education/ors, and government) these clients as they rely on partnerships. Does OneFlow integrate across these three client types? 

A: Yes OneFlow supports multiple entities working and collaborating together to achieve better outcomes faster for clients.

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