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Adult Education: History & Funding


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WIOA Title II: The Adult Education and Family Literacy Act

The AEFLA was originally established in 1998 under the Workforce Innovation Act (WIA) and is currently authorized under WIOA Title II. It distributes funding for state-administered adult education & literacy programs.


Adult Education Act

This act set the precedent for federal funding of adult education programs, including ABE and ESL.


National Literacy Act

This act amended the AEA and placed a greater emphasis on funding and federal support for literacy programs.


Adult Education & Family Literacy Act

The AEFLA replaced both its predecessors and combined adult ed and literacy initiatives under one umbrella.


When will WIOA be reauthorized?

WIOA expired in 2020. WIOA reauthorization passed the House in the spring of 2022 but has remained stalled in Senate committees. While funds are still being appropriated as a part of yearly budgets, full reauthorization is critical to ensuring that funding and program requirements are scaled to meet the needs of today's labor force.

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Required Reporting for Adult Ed Programs

WIOA requires programs to report a common set of performance indicators and participant demographic information to the National Reporting System (NRS). 

Reporting can be complex and must be standardized in pre-configured NRS tables. Many programs utilize modern adult education reporting software to simplify and streamline their reporting processes.

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