Virtual Service Delivery using Zoom

As the need for delivering services virtually is becoming a normal part of how government agencies and service providers work, the need for integrating virtual meeting platforms with OneFlow has been much requested. The new Zoom Integration add-on for OneFlow enables all meetings to be integrated with a zoom meeting. This includes:

  • Appointments for services (virtual service appointment)
  • Events (virtual event)
  • Classes (virtual classes)
  • Every time a meeting is created in OneFlow, if a user has the add-on and has a Zoom Pro account, the user can set up the integration once, and OneFlow will integrate with Zoom to get the zoom link (generated by Zoom) and places that into the calendar appointment in OneFlow. The participants in the meeting can be sent an email with the link also, using OneFlow’s communication.

    Using different tools without integration increases the amount of time staff take to get something done, such as create or confirm an appointment. With OneFlow’s Zoom integration, this happens in a single click when the virtual service appointment is saved! This saves our customers time and makes their work more seamless, with more focus on serving customers.

    Another time-saving feature is the ability to get the attendance reports from Zoom and link them back to the appointment/meeting to have tracking of attendance of the meeting participants.

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