A Single Integrated Platform

OneFlow provides a collaborative solution that eliminates silos and enables colleges and partner agencies, staff and students to work together to achieve results.

State Workforce Agencies

OneFlow enables states to meet the requirements of WIOA and Wagner Peyser as well as other Federal ETA and DOL programs. OneFlow was designed from the ground up to make the day to day lives of Case Managers, Office Managers, State staff, partners,employer and board members easier. OneFlow becomes the place where all stakeholders go to see what they need to do and to stay informed about their cases, employers, programs, dollars and performance.

OneFlow supports the Common Intake process, enabling customers to be able to connect to the most relevant services and programs to help them succeed. With support all your partners (service and training providers), including having partners be able to access the people they serve (through referrals), and update the information, OneFlow eliminates silos and enables complete collaboration for your workforce system. OneFlow is highly configurable and supports integration with other state systems for wage data, UI status and more. With extensive reporting and analytics as well as built in Federal reporting and generation of Federal reporting extracts, OneFlow can make compliance easier. You can get started with the solution for just one or two programs, and experience the systems benefits. Find out how OneFlow can be the platform for your state’s needs!

Regional/Local Workforce Boards

We recognize that many state systems are just not providing the capabilities needed by workforce boards. We can help you with a modern, easy to use platform that enables you to meet your Board’s goals with ease, while being able to send data to state systems. OneFlow can also help you manage state and other grants, which comprise a significant portion of funding for many workforce organizations today.

OneFlow has helped small, medium and large workforce boards ranging from 1,200 customers a month to 18,000 customers a month, with one location to 10 locations. OneFlow can be your front end system to make job seeker and employer engagement easy, providing a common intake process, managing multiple grants and federal programs, managing program budgets, ensuring that the process for job seekers applying for training is easy and much more.

OneFlow’s business services solution can be used to engage employers – ensuring employers can make requests to your staff, participate in surveys, post jobs, or be a part of work experience programs, summer employment programs and more.

OneFlow has been used to enable workforce boards to engage job seekers, partners and employers to create a more collaborative workforce model. Our solution ensures that staff are able to manage their schedule of appointments, track their interactions and have the system provide next steps that staff need to take. OneFlow has enabled workforce boards to increase service delivery by 400% with the same or reduced staff, reduce duration from application to start training by 50%, and increase engagement of job seekers through the OneFlow portal and mobile app. With our model of being able to get started in a matter of weeks, you can try OneFlow for just a few programs before you decide to expand it to all your programs.

Contractors to Workforce Development

OneFlow provides a platform for contractors to workforce development to be able to manage their contracted performance, and ensure that all staff are able to view and track their services and program related spending.

OneFlow has enabled workforce contractors to set up and manage multiple programs across multiple states and regions, setting contractual requirements for each program, and be able to report on performance on a daily basis, to meet/exceed their contracted performance objectives through scorecards that provide performance insight by program and timeframe. These scorecards provide close to real time performance data on programs.

OneFlow provides a complete solution for contractors to workforce development – from being able to track services, manage program eligibility and enrollments, manage staff performance and provide tracking of budgets, authorizations/vouchers, and payments to ensure that you are staying within budget.

OneFlow has saved our workforce contractors significant amount of dollars by being the single tool for tracking data and allowing for a metrics driven approach to managing workforce contracts.

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