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Government Agencies

A single integrated platform

OneFlow provides a collaborative solution that eliminates silos and enables colleges and partner agencies, staff and students to work together to achieve results.

Tracking non-WIOA grants/programs

If you are an Agency that has received one or more grants, and you would like to have the ability to track and manage the grant, OneFlow can help you!

OneFlow supports:
Set up of grants / programs, including service offerings under the grant, budgets, application form used to apply, etc.


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Government Grant Management Solution

myOneFlow provides comprehensive government grant management solutions to address all aspects of the grant process. Our easy-to-use platform to track and manage government grants provides a solution to the complexities of efficiently and effectively servicing your customers and stakeholders. myOneFlow has been designed to improve the process of government grant management from beginning to end.

Managing government grants is a difficult task. The complex requirements of grant fulfillment and application can be overwhelming without the proper administrative tool. Fortunately, myOneFlow has created a government grant management solution to the challenges of obtaining, managing, and tracking government grant allocations in your institution. 

myOneFlow is a leading provider of workforce solutions for government entities. We offer customized government grant management solutions that will enable your organization to monitor grant applications, grant awards, and disbursement of grant-related funding. myOneFlow is a complex yet easy-to-use management platform for grant fiscal tracking solutions at a local, state, and federal level.

By implementing a sound government grant management and tracking system, your institution will effectively control all information related to grants awarded. myOneFlow is here to help your organization maintain detailed records of grant awards and usage creating an environment of accountability for all stakeholders and allowing your organization to be in compliance with all applicable regulations and reporting protocols.


Government Grant Management System

Our management and development software provides a flexible platform for you to efficiently and effectively manage government grant programs. With our resources, your organization can monitor the grant application process in real-time and make adjustments immediately to comply with existing grant requirements and regulations.

With the utilization of our government grant management system, you will be able to solve the problem of administrative backlogs caused by more traditional forms of management of government grant systems.

Timely reporting and communication of government grant allocations are critical to the success of your institution. The lack of proper government grant reporting protocols may also lead to non-compliance issues. myOneFlow’s government grant tracking system provides comprehensive reporting and tracking capabilities that meet local, state, and federal governments' requirements. Using our government grant tracking system, including real-time data analysis and metrics, your grant programs will be able to accurately account for all aspects of their activities and use of award funding.

Our software will allow your organization to pivot to serve any government agency that is applying for grants. You will be able to expedite the enrollment process, monitor eligibility, and, most importantly, track fund allocation.


Solutions for Government Grant Management and Tracking

With our assistance, tracking government grants' complex workflow can be better implemented into a refined process of communication, task management, and achievement accountability for grant recipients. We have developed an automated administrative resource that will closely track all aspects of your organization's workflow processes. With the implementation of our collaborative program, your organization can eliminate the need for more traditional forms of administration and provide a quick analysis of pending grant applications, needed grant requirements, and timetables for grant funding to all stakeholders in the government grant award process.

Our government grant management and tracking solutions are designed to eliminate administrative problems that hinder the grant application process. By utilizing our government grant management system, your institution will be able to provide accurate assessments of grant eligibility and modify operations to comply with national standards and reporting procedures.


Government Grant Tracking Capabilities

myOneFlow’s government grant management solution is an effective and efficient way to enable, track, and report awards received through government grant programs. myOneFlow provides a unique resource that creates an environment of cooperation between all stakeholders in the government grant process, allowing for optimized tracking and reporting. 

By enabling organizations to offer a streamlined capability to government grant tracking, you empower your staff and to exceed expectations and be held accountable for the allocation of grant funding.

myOneFlow is leading the industry in providing cost-effective software solutions to manage government grants. Through the implementation of our tracking and data collection services, your organization will reduce administrative errors when applying for grants, expedite the fulfillment of grant requirements, and maintain open communication for all those involved in the grant management process.

The utilization of a successful grant program hinges on the ability to use software that will enable your staff to manage grant progress. You will be able to track all components of the grant process and follow-up on all requirements, and adjust your administrative practices to fully adhere to reporting standards that govern the grant awards process.

myOneFlow is proud to offer a government grant management solution that can be easily implemented by your organization’s staff. By using myOneFlow’s software, your institution will achieve its goal of effective and efficient grant management. myOneFlow also offers adult education tracking software and apprenticeship tracking solutions. For more information about the wide range of applications for our software, contact myOneFlow today.