A complete view of your customers with workflows business rules, audit tracking and a complete case management.

OneFlow modules enable you to buy exactly what you need and extend your functionality when you need. Easy-to-use, easy for your team to build and manage workflows and business rules, and easy to implement.

OneFlow is the best case management solution. Period.

Best Case Management

Adult Education

OneFlow provides a platform for organizations serving Adult Education & Literacy.  It enables colleges and schools to provide online registration, orientation, program selection, course enrollment and follow ups. For staff, it provides the platform to track programs, view students, set goals, track progress, make referrals, and enable student success.

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Workforce Development

Our solution enables you offer online services, increase the number of customers you serve, and reduce the time it takes for them to get connected to WIOA programs, grants and jobs. OneFlow is a complete case management & labor exchange solution for local workforce development, regions and state level organizations.

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Government Agencies

OneFlow provides a platform for government agencies to serve their customers online from enabling online account creation, completion of forms, uploading of documents, signing applications or agreements and communications. OneFlow helps government agencies to streamline their processes, view dashboard metrics of numbers served, demographics and results.

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Beyond Case Management

OneFlow platform delivers an industry-leading cloud based case management platform that is scalable, with rapid start-up, and requires no hardware investment.

Beyond Case Management

Our platform provides pre-configured solutions to drive better performance in Workforce Development, Higher Education, and Case Management.


Custom Workflows
Document Signing
Forms & Surveys
Event Management
Service Delivery
Fiscal Management
Outcome Tracking
Program Enrollment
Reporting & Analytics
MyPlan Mobile
Request Queue
Job Services
User Security
Audit Tracking

At Empyra, we have one mission – to maximize state, local, and national workforce performance, enable job seekers to get better jobs faster, employers to find better talent faster and at a lower cost, and to help workforce boards achieve innovation, high performance and efficiency.
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